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Jeremy Renner Loses All Bodily Control After Seeing Chris Pine's Behind

Jeremy renner academy awards oscars chris pine - 7091733504
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Envelopes Shouldn't be This Hard to Open

gifs Sandra Bullock academy awards oscars - 7091721984
By Unknown

She Dreamed a Little Dream... and it Came True!

gifs anne hathaway academy awards oscars - 7091695616
By Unknown

The Phantom of the Oscars

leonardo dicaprio academy awards oscars - 7091707392
Via Caroline Salvatore

Jack Nicholson Just Realizing Where He Is...

jack nicholson gifs academy awards oscars - 7091567104
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Anne Hathaway: Winner for Best Supporting Actress in "Les Misérables"

anne hathaway academy awards oscars - 7091682304
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Cool Mark Wahlberg is Disappointed in Unfunny, Pandering Mark Wahlberg

gifs academy awards oscars Mark Wahlberg - 7091674112
By Unknown

Burn it Down, Kate!

gifs leonardo dicaprio academy awards oscars - 7091609344
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Les Misérables Musical Montage C'est Magnifique!

gifs community academy awards reaction Les Misérables oscars - 7091644416
By Unknown

After Realizing "The Hobbit" Won't Win an Oscar...

gifs The Hobbit academy awards oscars - 7091619584
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Sooooo Hungry!!!

gifs jennifer lawrence academy awards oscars - 7091599616
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The Music From "Jaws" is the Wrap-up Music This Year?

jaws academy awards oscars - 7091504640
By Unknown

How do I Microphone?

gifs paul rudd melissa mccarthy academy awards oscars - 7091557888
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"Avengers" Assembled and KILLED It!

gifs The Avengers academy awards oscars - 7091488512
By Unknown

From Hogwarts With Love

Daniel Radcliffe academy awards Joseph Gordon-Levitt oscars - 7091509248
By Unknown

Jennifer Lawrence is in Perfect Form Tonight!

jennifer lawrence academy awards oscars - 7091476736
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