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Meanwhile, at the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars Party...

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Pixar's "Brave" Wins Oscar for Best Animated Film!

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Dior Something or Other

gifs jennifer lawrence academy awards oscars - 7091438592
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Christoph Waltz: Winner for Best Supporting Actor in "Django Unchained"

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Adele Standing Next to Things

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Little Known Fact: Adele is Actually 8 Feet Tall

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Award Shows are Great... as Long as the Right People are Rewarded!

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No Big Deal, Just Carpooling to the Academy Awards

sally field academy awards Joseph Gordon-Levitt oscars - 7091282688
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Oscar Winners for Best Actress - Can You Name Them All?

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Supercut: Every Academy Awards "Best Picture" Winner from "Wings" to "The Artist" in Four Minutes!

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The 85th Annual Academy Awards by the Numbers

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Check Out This Poster Celebrating 85 Years of Oscars!

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Mean Academy

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Deal With It...

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You Could've Just Said You're Pals...

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