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Javier Bardem's Reaction to "Skyfall" Winning an Oscar is Adorable

gifs javier bardem academy awards judy dench oscars - 7093467904
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Earth's Mightiest Heroes Were Looking Pretty Sharp Last Night!

robert downey jr The Avengers Samuel L Jackson academy awards oscars - 7093419776
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Congratulations to Slytherin House!

life of pi academy awards oscars - 7091702272
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Robert Downey, Jr. Giving Seth MacFarlane the Lonely Slow Clap

robert downey jr academy awards oscars - 7091501824
By jnlo18

Ben Affleck and George Clooney: Winners of Best Picture for "Argo"

george clooney ben affleck academy awards oscars - 7091904512
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Shatner Nails It

William Shatner academy awards oscars - 7091915776
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Lemme Just Grab My Oscar... Whoops!

gifs jennifer lawrence academy awards oscars - 7091897600
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Daniel Day-Lewis: Winner of Best Actor for "Lincoln"

daniel day-lewis academy awards oscars - 7091870720
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Jennifer Lawrence: Winner of Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook"

gifs jennifer lawrence academy awards oscars - 7091860224
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Ang Lee: Winner of Best Director for "Life of Pi"

director academy awards oscars - 7091836416
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Why Does Everyone Hate Middle Earth?!

gifs mean girls academy awards oscars - 7091812352
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Quentin Tarantino: Winner of Best Original Screenplay for "Django Unchained"

director academy awards quentin tarantino oscars - 7091827456
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Anything Else You Need to Declare?

gifs ben affleck academy awards oscars - 7091797504
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Adele: Winner of Best Song for "Skyfall"

adele academy awards oscars - 7091806976
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It Isn't Much, But I Hope This Helps

leonardo dicaprio academy awards oscars - 7091787520
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Nicole Kidman Needs an Old Priest and a Young Priest ASAP!

creepy Nicole Kidman academy awards oscars - 7091763968
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