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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Blade Runner 8-Bit Art

art Blade Runner Movie 8 bit - 6993786112
Via Kim Chi Lunch Box

Fake Criterion: The Rural Juror

poster 30 rock Movie fake NBC TV funny - 6991674880
Via Fake Criterion
Movie actor montage Arnold Schwarzenegger funny - 46840833

Every Scream From Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Ever!

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OMG Stahhhp!

gifs Movie iron man funny - 6984114176
Via J-otunheim

Minimalist Movie Poster: Lord of the Rings

minimalist art poster Lord of the Rings Movie - 6983664896
Via H-57

I Won't Tell Frodo, I Swear!

Lord of the Rings sean astin gollum Movie actor funny - 6981483264
Via Peregrint

Meh Thranduil

titanic Movie The Hobbit mash up - 6975110400
Created by Toblobleo

Twilight 3D

kristen stewart gifs Movie actor twilight funny - 6980732928
Via Skrugs

The Venn Diagram of Movie Quotes

quotes Movie infographic funny graph - 6975045888
Via College Humor

so that’s why the wildebeasts didn’t get out of the way

youtube Movie cartoons lion king - 6958621696
Via Sofa Pizza

No Sir, I Don't Like It...

disney pocahontas animation Movie walt disney funny wat - 6964493824
Created by Unknown

Excellent Djoke!

leonardo dicaprio Movie actor jamie foxx django unchained funny - 6961952768
Created by Unknown

Gandalf Problem Solving

Lord of the Rings Movie gandalf - 6961137920
Via LOTR Project

did tim burton just say he was making a movie without us? impossible.

Movie helena bonham-carter Johnny Depp - 6942536448
See all captions Created by bigbadkingboomboo

Thanks for the Warning, Alfred

aaron eckhart Movie actor michael caine comic the dark knight christian bale funny - 6958812416
Via Michael Pitted

Lincoln: The Honest Movie Poster

lincoln shoop poster Movie actor daniel day-lewis funny - 6958793472
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