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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Not Only is "The Rocketeer" Still Relevant, He's Also Got Quite a Fan Base on The Internet

funny Movie Music shoop - 6299749376
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8-Bit Django Unchained

gifs Movie actor jamie foxx django unchained quentin tarantino - 7041752064
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French Translations of Popular American Film Posters

poster Movie funny - 7041575424
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Daniel Craig Movie actor james bond skyfall honest trailer - 47307265

Honest Trailer: Skyfall

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This "Toy Story" Theory Will Blow Your Mind!

toy story animation Movie pixar walt disney funny - 7039256320
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Gold Star for You, Legolas!

orlando bloom Lord of the Rings Movie actor comic funny - 7039033344
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The Fresh Prince of Persia

shoop poster Movie actor fake will smith funny - 7035490560
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Moonwalkin' Straight Out The TV!

gifs Movie actor funny Jane Lynch - 7035201792
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How Awkward Are Your Hugs?

Harry Potter Movie TV the big bang theory funny - 7026888704
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Pixar Ain't Playin'

gifs toy story Movie pixar funny - 7026879744
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First Look: New "Iron Man 3" Poster

poster robert downey jr Movie actor iron man - 7026699008
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That Face When Your Wife Won't Let You Bash Her Brains In

jack nicholson Movie actor the shining funny - 7026657280
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Die Hard by the Numbers

bruce willis Movie actor die hard infographic funny - 7022563840
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Lord of the Rings Movie The Hobbit books - 7013260288
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This is My Radventure Faaaaaace

gifs Martin Freeman Lord of the Rings creepy Movie actor The Hobbit funny - 7019678720
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Who You Gonna Call?

art Movie funny - 7017332736
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