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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

John Smith is WAY too Into This Dance Number...

gifs pocahontas animation Movie walt disney funny - 7016753664
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The Most Interesting Theory You'll Ponder Today

Harry Potter edward norton Movie actor helena bonham-carter funny fight club - 7016551936
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How Could I Ever Shoot Something so Beautiful...

gifs disney pocahontas Harry Potter animation Movie Lord Voldemort walt disney funny - 7013755904
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Lebowski High School Yearbook

yearbook the big lebowski john goodman Movie steve buscemi actor high school jeff bridges - 7013388032
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Mean Wizards

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Movie actor mean girls funny emma watson - 7013727232
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Life of Ru

life of pi ru paul Movie reality tv - 7000097024
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Animated Pulp Fiction Poster

gifs Movie actor pulp fiction uma thurman - 7000092160
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A Bad Lip Reading of Javert in Les Misérables

gifs Movie actor Russell Crowe funny Les Misérables - 7000029184
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Love Pterodactually

rowan atkinson shoop poster Movie actor Colin Firth funny dinosaurs - 6999747328
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Pepper Taking Out the Trash!

gwyneth paltrow Movie actor iron man comic funny burn - 6997260288
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Wait... What?

gifs Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Movie actor robert pattinson twilight funny - 6997100288
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When I Find out I Have a Snow Day

gifs Movie actor steve carell anchorman funny Will Ferrell - 6994791424
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Indiana Jones Movie honest trailers trailers Harrison Ford - 46880513

Honest Trailer: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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The Chandler Games

gifs Movie actor matthew perry hunger games funny - 6994307840
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There's Just so Much Wrong Here, I Don't Even...

gifs star wars Movie funny - 6994175488
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Jeez Jafar, Tell Me How You Really Feel!

jafar gifs animation Movie aladdin walt disney funny - 6994065152
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