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Levar Burton Embraces a Younger Generation with Tweeting Rainbow

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At the Late-Night Premiere, One Projectionist Screened the Wrong "Guardians"

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Jaden Smith Isn't Off the Rails, He's Just a Comic Writer in Disguise

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Fans Find the 9/11 Poster Art for TNMT Offensive

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Former Pie-F***er and Current OITNB Star Jason Biggs Wins the "Too Soon" Award for Today's Tragic Event

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Orphan Black Renewed for Season 3

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Robin Thicke Asked for an Open Twitter Forum With #AskThicke. Predictably, This Did Not Turn Out the Way He Wanted.

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Selfie of the Day: Thelma and Louise Reunite for a Selfie 23 Years Later

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First Name Dot Last Name

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#LeBroning is Now a Thing

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It's Hashtag Time When Jimmy Finds Out Some of the #WorstSummerJobs

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Don't Trust Those Star Wars Leaks; Some of Them Are Definitely Not Real

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Don't Blame Them, Blame Science

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I Definitely Make Things Interesting!

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It's Almost as Good as Getting an Education, Right?

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Is This Road Lizard-Proof?

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