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Ok But Did Drake Perform at Your Bat Mitzvah?

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If Your Job Was Closed-Captioning the Kardashians, You Might Have Tried to Slip This In Too

funny fail image Keeping Up With the Kardashians caption whore
Via @WendyMolyneux

Oops She Googled Some Corn?

funny fail image Britney Spears posted a google image search for grilled corn as her own
Via MisterPreda

Amy Schumer Publicly Shares and Thanks Annie Leibovitz For Her Semi-Nude Photoshoot

tweet Amy Schumer Publicly Thanks Annie Leibovitz For Semi-Nude Photoshoot
Via @amyschumer
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53 Things Donald Trump Has Definitely Searched for on Google

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democrats Republicans twitter the daily show reaction - 639749

Send Off of the Day: Republicans and Democrats Rejoince as Congress Loses Its Boehner

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jimmy kimmel twitter tweets Video - 74519809

Now a Live Studio Audience Gets to Chuckle At Celebrities Reading More Mean Tweets About Themselves

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History Books Are Purr-Fectly Replaced With Cats Using The Hashtag #CatHistory

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anniversary twitter marvel deadpool - 630277

Deadpool Celebrated The Golden Girls' 30th Anniversary and It Was Glorious

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twitter adam savage Video - 432900

Behold: the "Duck Bomb"

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Grudge Match of the Day: Jack White and Black Keys Drummer Have an Epic Public Spat

Jack white and patrick carney spar in public spat.
Via Uproxx

Social Support of the Day: Emma Watson Reaches Out to England's First Openly Gay Rugby Player in Fantastic Fashion

Emma Watson tweeted at Rugby player Keegan Hirst and it was beautiful.
Via EmWatson

Zayn Malik Had No Idea the Level of Hatred the Internet Has for Minions

Zayn Malik Internet Hatred Minions Tweet Jumper
Via @zaynmalik

Chrissy Teigan Wants You to Know She Doesn't Live on a Dorito Diet

Chrissy Tiegan Dorito Diet Rumors
Via Refinery 29

Weird Twitter Feud of the Day: Iggy Azalea Got into it with a Superhero Fan Site

Iggy Azalea has a weird Twitter feud with a superhero fan site.
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Live Tweeting of the Day: Patton Oswalt Gave a Better Performance than any Candidate at the GOP Debate

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