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Outing of the Day: Mr. Smithers Might Finally Reveal His Secret on This Season of The Simpsons

Mr. Smithers might finally come out of the closet this season.
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Rock Band of the Day: Ned Flanders-Inspired 'Nedal' Band Obviously Loves The Simpsons

Okilly Dokilly is a metal band based entirely off of Ned Flanders
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10 Controversial Banned Cartoons That Were Actually Made

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'The Simpsons' Predicted a Donald Trump Presidency

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Akira Meets the Simpsons in This Bizarre Trailer Recreation

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We Really Have No Idea What to Think About These Ted Cruz Simpsons Impersonations

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Rick and Morty 'Drop In' on The Simpsons, Carnage Ensues

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Here's Some of the Hundreds of Simpsons Characters Which Will Now Sound Weird

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Mr Burns Won't be Returning to the Simpsons

cartoon memes harry shearer mr burns leaves simpsons
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Drake During The Anaconda Video Shoot

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Get Over Yourself, Bart!

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Lower Than Dirt

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Once You Wake Up From a Nap And Think About The Nap You Are Going to Take Soon

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What a Badass!

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How to Leave Uncomfortable Situations

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