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Marge Loooook! I Found Them!

animation TV the simpsons funny - 6891155968
By Unknown

Ned Flanders Totally Looks Like William Macy

actor TLL ned flanders the simpsons funny - 6765892864
By kajcuijpers

Sorry Flanders, This Isn't for You...

homer simpson gifs fox TV ned flanders the simpsons funny - 6880854784
By Unknown

We're Dealing With a Very Twisted Individual...

gifs animation bart simpson TV the simpsons funny - 6874907136
Via Neogohann

Do We Have an Understanding or What?

homer simpson animation fox TV the simpsons funny - 6871109632
By Unknown

Don't be Afraid to Try New Things!

homer simpson animation TV the simpsons funny - 6850890496
Via Dark Night at the Museum

Sounds Like Heaven to Me!

gifs animation the simpsons Cats funny - 6847251200
By Unknown
mr burns animation TV the simpsons funny Video politics - 45419265

Mr. Burns Explains the Looming Fiscal Cliff

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I Want the Simpsons Alive... NO DISINTEGRATIONS!

gifs star wars animation TV the simpsons funny boba fett - 6837378816
Via F**k Yeah Springfield

I Would Say Most Definitely...

animation actor TV the simpsons Morgan Freeman funny - 6827157248
Via The Simpsons Way of Life

Four Cat Burglars and a Fat Burglar

homer simpson gifs TV the simpsons funny - 6816529664
Via Mundosemleis

Everythings comin up Milhouse

Fan Art cartoons superheroes the simpsons - 6759675136
By Terry Ververgaert (Via Terryv83)

Happens to me every time I drink

drinking TV rabbit the simpsons - 6760360448
By jtcaseley1

It's all About Perspective!

animation TV the simpsons funny - 6766736640
Via F**k Yeah Springfield

Nicki Minaj Causes Seizures as Well as Deafness

gifs Music animation TV celeb nicki minaj the simpsons funny - 6764035072
Via Ohio is for Lovers

Madonna's Gap has a Creeper

homer simpson gifs Music animation TV celeb Madonna the simpsons funny - 6745318144
By Unknown