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the lion king

The Lion King, Disney's ultimate classic. There will be many Disney movies made and remade, few can compare to the majesty of this movie. The only thing better could be that same movie making us clutch our sides with laughter. Make sure you Mufasa and don't miss hilarious lion king puns, memes, gifs and everything in between.

Well Then, I'm All Ears!

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Rafiki: It's His Turn To Be The Very Best

disney funny Pokémon the lion king - 4453797120
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animation disney Hall of Fame mustache the lion king - 4534982656
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The Five Words You Never Wanna Hear...

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Hipster Simba

disney funny Hall of Fame hipster meme simba the lion king - 4489416704
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not the only scar in the family

balls disney lolz simba the lion king - 4039742976
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Same plot as Avatar... Better Music

animation Beauty and the Beast disney package post the lion king - 3052162560
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The Circle of Life is Unforgiving, Kiddo

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