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The Lion King, Disney's ultimate classic. There will be many Disney movies made and remade, few can compare to the majesty of this movie. The only thing better could be that same movie making us clutch our sides with laughter. Make sure you Mufasa and don't miss hilarious lion king puns, memes, gifs and everything in between.

Based on This Tweet, Good Morning America Has Never Seen The Lion King

Good Morning America fails at social media with this Lion King tweet
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the lion king Music disney aladdin Video - 71612161

What Happens When the Broadway Casts of Aladdin and The Lion King Get Stuck at an Airport?

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Mad Max the lion king crossover Video - 71056129

There's Nothing Not to Love About Mad Max: Furry Road, the Ultimate Mashup of The Lion King and Mad Max

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the lion king Video - 63190785

The Broadway Cast of "The Lion King" Gives an Impromptu Performance on a NYC Subway

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cartoons disney the lion king - 8221996288
By TimesTheRoman (Via peterpanandthewolf)
the lion king honest trailers cartoons Video - 61671937

Be Honest About the Lion King

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Things Cut in Half

the lion king - 7802447104
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cartoons disney Video the lion king - 57701377

How I Feel at School Everyday

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I Hate so Much About The Things You Choose to Be

animation comic disney funny Movie the lion king - 6276073728
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The Liar King

the lion king disney - 6929500160
By xephtastic

All That the Light Touches I DO NOT WANT!

the lion king disney Movie 90s Grumpy Cat tard walt disney funny - 6847066112
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I Just Can't Wait to Not Be King

the lion king disney movies no Grumpy Cat tard multipanel Cats - 6730055424
By Unknown

Remember Who You Are...

actor celeb disney funny gifs jennifer lawrence Movie hunger games the lion king - 6511271680
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Everything The Light Touches is Yours

animation celeb disney funny Movie Music shoop snoop dogg snoop lion the lion king - 6478880768
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animation christopher nolan disney funny Movie parody the dark knight rises the lion king Video walt disney - 31620609

The Lion King Rises - Trailer Parody

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Art Deco Movie Poster for Disney's "The Lion King"

animation art cool disney Movie poster the lion king - 6458647040
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