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Elaine Stritch, the Sassy Broadway Icon, has Died at 89

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Everyone Should Have a Ferocious Attack Gaga Under Their Tree This Christmas!

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Bubble Popping Is So Much Fun!

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Nice to See Someone's Buying Britney's Old Outfits

singers jennifer lopez live music Star Trek - 5505395456
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She's Always Been Annoying, But This Orange Thing Is New

singers katy perry look alikes magazines Memes - 5492857600
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You Really Are a Master With the Blur Tool

singers Madonna old photoshopped - 5463286272
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We'd Be Doing Him a Favor, Really!

singers gross justin bieber kill lyrics murder shut up - 5474729216
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The Scariest Sea Monster I've Ever Seen

singers Madonna moms old Pirates of the Caribbean sequels - 5460768000
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The Rihanna Process

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Standing for Something

singers britney spears disney Role Model toy story - 3936065280
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Though Justin Bieber Did Win Critical Accolades for His Cameo as "Corn"

singers corn Selena Gomez sequels - 5459703296
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Next Time, Scrub Harder

singers dirty gross keha kesha - 3934492416
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More Like "Never Was"

singers homeless mariah carey wtf - 5453097216
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No Worries, Guys! The Only Casualty Was Good Taste!

singers fashion gross ugly - 5440931328
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DING DING DING! We Have a Winner!

singers justin bieber shirtless - 5420498944
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Scumbag Katy Perry

singers Hall of Fame katy perry mtv - 5409821696
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