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in soviet russia justin bieber still sucks

singers justin bieber lolz tween - 4009522688
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this is proof, if u want hot chix, u must become one

singers famous for no reason hot justin bieber kim kardashian lolz sexy - 4003009792
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singers kesha Video - 8829697


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*Psst!* Jennifer, you're supposed to wear your Snuggie the OTHER way!!

singers fashion jennifer lopez lolz snuggie - 4012626944
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singers britney spears glee ROFlash TV - 4015263488
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I'd hit that...

singers abuse chris brown lolz rihanna sexy - 3984007424
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Can YOU explain why I'm famous?

singers 3d bad movies books celeb justin bieber ROFlash - 3821873920
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My Eyes! They're Not Melting!

singers advertising britney spears clothing trainwreck celebrities - 3723689728
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singers miley cyrus text message yelling - 3708334592
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wanna go 4 a ride on my tricycle??

singers bike gross justin beiber miley cyrus tween young - 3666815488
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singers flipping the bird keha - 3646251520
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singers britney spears miley cyrus pop stars trainwreck celebrities - 3672483584
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singers basketball german justin bieber parody stupidity Video - 4819969

'Justin Bieber Doesn't Know What Geran Is' Remake

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Only Robert Downey Jr Can make Sad Keanu smile

singers actors cooking drummer katy perry keanu reeves package post photoshop robert downey jr sad keanu - 3670054144
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No pants

singers actors lady gaga miley cyrus morrissey pants robert downey jr - 3668549888
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singers actor Awkward dress Dwayne Johnson fashion miley cyrus the rock wrestler - 3659143680
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