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Puffy Shirts of the Day: Patrick Stewart and James Corden Launch a New Career as Magicians

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Patrick Stewart Confirms Role In 'Wolverine 3'

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Patrick Stewart's Ice Bucket Challenge is the Classiest You've Seen

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Laptain's Cog

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It's For his Captain's Dog

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McAvoy and Fassbender Do Impressions of Patrick Stewart and Michael Fassbender

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Every Superhero and Villain Just Need a Fun Day On The Pier

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play the Newlywed Game

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If Anyone Gives You Flak for Saying Patty's, Not Paddy's, Tell Them What Holiday You're Really Celebrating

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan Take Over Late Night

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Cotton Picard

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Patrick Stewart Wins the Internet on Super Bowl Sunday

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Ring In The New Years

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Thanksgiving Is For Family

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If 1 Grew A Beard, He'd Stay In Place

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All The Pretties

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