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10 Little Known Facts About the Oscars

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The Early Roles of This Year's Oscar Nominees

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This Year's Best Picture Nominees Recreated with LEGO Minifigs

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He's Dying for an Oscar

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Top 10 Oscar Snubbed Actors

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The Truth Behind The Oscar Bump

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25 Honestly Titled Posters for This Year's Oscar Nominees

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The Injustice!

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By Unknown

Flippin the Bird Never Looked So Classy

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It's Official. Jennifer Lawrence is Magic.

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Jennifer Lawrence has Officially Taken Over the Internet

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Sad Leonardo DiCaprio Never Gets Old

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Wow a dress made from Swiffer sweeper cloths

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Everyone Else Makes it Look so Easy...

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Overlooked Gary Oldman

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Jack Nicholson: Jennifer Lawrence's Biggest Fan!

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