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Stephen Colbert Gives Kim Kardashian's Video Game the Review Everyone's Been Waiting For

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Kim Kardashian Has a Branded iPhone Game (Already Terrible) and People Were Really Upset That it Went Down This Weekend (Somehow More Terrible)

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I Definitely Make Things Interesting!

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Can You Spot the Photoshop Disaster in Vogue's Piece on Kim and Kanye?

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James and Seth Upped Their Game With Their Mockery of Kim and Kanye

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He Drives Off In A Hyundai

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Shutting Up About The Kardashians

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They Must be Working Overtime!

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Kim Cankledashian

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Kim's dress Totally Looks Like My Mamaw's old couch

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Lesson: Don't Listen to Kim

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The Most Romantic Piece of Art You'll See All Day!

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Nobody Wants to See That

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Mother of the Year, Everybody!

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Seriously, EVERYONE is Insecure Around Beyonce

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