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jimmy kimmel donald trump election 2016 tweet funny - 73614081

Josh Groban Sings the Best (Craziest) of Donald Trump's Tweets

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taylor swift cover funny - 73573377

Miranda Sings Has Some Really Bad Blood

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Robert Pattinson Has Sure Hit Rock Bottom

Robert Pattinson Hit Rock Bottom Meme
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Deleted Scenes From Shrek 2 Now Surface

Shrek 2 Deleted Scene John Cena
Via @eric_w_williams

Chrissy Teigan Wants You to Know She Doesn't Live on a Dorito Diet

Chrissy Tiegan Dorito Diet Rumors
Via Refinery 29
true detective jimmy fallon funny Video - 73388545

Taylor Kitsch Left Buddy Stranded 12 Hours for 'True Detective' Audition

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cartoons the simpsons funny - 73346305

10 Controversial Banned Cartoons That Were Actually Made

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amy schumer funny Video - 73345793

Dating Amy Schumer Takes Skill

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Taylor Swift Has Bad Blood With Her Cat Meredith

Taylor Swift Meredith Cat Scratch Video Funny
Via Taylor Swift
It's pretty much official that Taylor Swift's cat, Meredith, is pure evil. Taylor posted an Instagram video today of very mixed greetings from her two cats Olivia and Meredith. While Olivia was feeling it, Meredith definitely was not. Coming Home to Mixed Reactions - a short film A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Aug 6, 2015 at 8:59am PDT This isn't the first run in Taylor has had with Meredith. Four months ago, Meredith made her loyalties well known. Meredith must be #TeamNicki.
jon stewart funny fast food Video - 73314817

Arby's Says Farewell to Jon Stewart in the Best Way

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TBH Kylie Jenner Looks Better as an Animated Fish

Kylie Jenner Shark Tales Totally Looks Like
Via Tumblr/50shadesofyodaddysdick

Steven Tyler's Response to the Lenny Kravitz Schlong Surprise is Fantastic

Steven Tyler Lenny Kravitz Schlong Penis Response Text Twitter Tweet
Via @LennyKravitz
movies college humor funny Video - 73266433

What if Characters Said What Their Actors Tweeted?

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movie trailer movies ben stiller funny - 73231361

This Trailer For 'Zoolander 2' Will Make You Really, Really Ridiculously Excited

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movies amy schumer Bloopers funny Video - 73190401

If You Thought 'Trainwreck' Was Funny, Wait Until You See These Outtakes

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law and order crime funny Video - 73186561

Here's 25 Years of 'Law and Order' Presented in 30 Seconds

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