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A Version of "The Notebook" You'd Actually Want to Watch

crossover deadpool the joker Fan Art x men batman Harley Quinn - 7077637120
Via Marco D'Alfonso

Holy Name Popularity Graph, Batman!

Line Graph batman name - 7058926848
By jc2581 (Via Reddit)

Follow Your Dreams, Master Wayne!

comic batman - 7065053952
Via Never Shave Thomas

Woulds't Thou Entertain a Tale of My Facial Irregularities?

batman - 7056290048
By Unknown

Minimalist Movie Posters

Fan Art The Avengers movie posters batman looper - 7020398080
Via Adam Thompson

You're nothing without your armor

val kilmer iron man batman - 6984125184
See all captions By tazmosis

The nominees for best Batman are......

batman christian bale - 6973588224
See all captions By Greybeard55

When Gotham City Begs for Mercy

actor the joker batman the dark knight heath ledger funny - 6974842368
By Unknown

Batman as a Spaghetti Western

two face robin the joker Fan Art catwoman batman Harley Quinn poison ivy - 6964459520
Via Giovanni Costa

Oh, Well That's Okay Then

cat anne hathaway the dark knight rises batman - 6943515904
By Unknown

It's So Little

Adam West robin phone batman - 6926204928
By xyzpdq1

You Can't Win

Movie batman - 6925217280
By allenrw3

The Cake Signal

cake batman - 6865365248
By Amy

Batman Symbol Totally Looks Like Bad Teeth

logo teeth TLL batman funny - 6877687040
By Unknown

The Dark Knight Rises Techno Poster

gifs poster the dark knight rises Movie batman christian bale funny - 6891305728
Via Robin Brindle Animation

The Gotham Evening Post

robin the joker catwoman batman Harley Quinn poison ivy - 6866525952
Via Mard Dos Santos