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The Dark Knight Knew

obama batman funny - 7598696960
By Sigao

And Dangerous

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Via The N8 Cave
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Grayson: Earth One

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these two cats Totally Looks Like batman

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By CjEthan

How Easily We Forget

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By strangelilvampyr

In hindsight, privacy is cool too

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By picklelicker
Pokémon marvel star wars wonder woman chewbacca batman mario adventure time g rated - 71941

Mom Creates Napkin Art for Her Sons' Lunch Every Day for 6 Years

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Catwoman the Cat Lady

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By HardPrey (Via caanantheartboy)

The Bat-Helmet Will Protect Your Dome

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Via Laughing Squid

I Knew They'd be Knights!

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Via Azmal

Phone Problems

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By Toraken1
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Batman in Classic Films

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Who Are You? I Am Your Waistline's Reckoning.

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By TimesTheRoman

Is it Still Bragging if You Back it Up?

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By Unknown

Bro... Not Cool

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By Unknown

Sure it's Sad Bruce Wayne's Parents Had to Die That Way, But it Could Have Been So Much Worse

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Via Awkward Elevator