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Cat Armor

animation cute armor Cats fashion style - 6826175232
Created by meganeguard ( Via The Thirsty Dude )

I Want the Simpsons Alive... NO DISINTEGRATIONS!

gifs star wars animation TV the simpsons funny boba fett - 6837378816
Via F**k Yeah Springfield

I Would Say Most Definitely...

animation actor TV the simpsons Morgan Freeman funny - 6827157248
Via The Simpsons Way of Life

If Mike Judge Made "Workaholics"

workaholics animation TV funny - 6823197952
Via @MrJohnnyRyan

Jim Caviezel Totally Looks Like Sterling Archer

animation TLL TV archer funny - 6710897664
Created by d0ubletake

King of the Hill Thanksgiving

animation TV King of the hill funny - 6796168448
Via Vaspim

Now That's Some Gaht Dang Patriotism Right There, I Tell Ya What!

gifs bobby hill animation TV King of the hill funny - 6795618560
Via Gokule

More Disney Face Swaps!

disney up animation Movie face swap The Little Mermaid - 6795193856

This box Totally Looks Like Master Shake

box animation TLL cartoons funny - 6767741696
Created by cdevidal

It's all About Perspective!

animation TV the simpsons funny - 6766736640
Via F**k Yeah Springfield

Now That's a Face Swap Right There, I Tell Ya What

animation hank hill fox TV King of the hill funny - 6764681216
Via Internet Lord

Nicki Minaj Causes Seizures as Well as Deafness

gifs Music animation TV celeb nicki minaj the simpsons funny - 6764035072
Via Ohio is for Lovers

Disney Couples' Introductions Over the Years

disney animation TLL funny - 6761203968
Via My Dolly Aviana

rhinoceros wombat Totally Looks Like Nigel Thornberry

animation TLL nigel thornberry animal funny - 6754485760
Created by jimmyg100

Rugrats Nails It

nickelodeon animation TV rugrats funny - 6749340416
Via White 0wls

Madonna's Gap has a Creeper

homer simpson gifs Music animation TV celeb Madonna the simpsons funny - 6745318144