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Jeez Jafar, Tell Me How You Really Feel!

jafar gifs animation Movie aladdin walt disney funny - 6994065152
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Camping Like a Boss

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He Makes a Good Point

homer simpson animation TV comic the simpsons funny - 6983554816

No Sir, I Don't Like It...

disney pocahontas animation Movie walt disney funny wat - 6964493824

My Thoughts on This Year's Oscar Nominations

bender animation TV futurama oscars 2013 funny - 6961434112
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Aren't You Adorable!

boo animation Movie monsters inc pixar walt disney funny - 6943224832
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I Don't Know if That's Sending the Right Message, Cinderella...

fashion disney animation cinderella lady gaga walt disney funny - 6938157824
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I Can't Handle This Right Now...

bobby hill animation TV King of the hill funny - 6925991424

Marge Loooook! I Found Them!

animation TV the simpsons funny - 6891155968

The Perks of Being Famous

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We're Dealing With a Very Twisted Individual...

gifs animation bart simpson TV the simpsons funny - 6874907136
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Do We Have an Understanding or What?

homer simpson animation fox TV the simpsons funny - 6871109632

Don't be Afraid to Try New Things!

homer simpson animation TV the simpsons funny - 6850890496
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Sounds Like Heaven to Me!

gifs animation the simpsons Cats funny - 6847251200
mr burns animation TV the simpsons funny Video politics - 45419265

Mr. Burns Explains the Looming Fiscal Cliff

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Gaht Dangit, Dale!

animation hank hill fox TV King of the hill funny - 6843863040
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