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Norwegian Recycling - Whitney

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The Musical Equivalent of Dividing By Zero

adele celeb funny Hall of Fame meme mother of god Music taylor swift - 5868766208
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Adele In Colored Pencil - Amazing

adele art awesome celeb Music sexy - 5855453440
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Some Burgers Just Aren't Meant To Be :(

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My Reaction To Seeing Singers Full Of Crey

adele britney spears celeb funny katy perry Music - 5840299520
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Adele Like A BOSS

adele celeb funny Grammys Music - 5839564288
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Snapz 2 Mah Playaz

adele celeb gifs Grammys Music - 5830243840
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No Surprise Here! "Album of the Year" Goes To...

adele all the things grammy awards Grammys Memes - 5830235136
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After This Performance, It's Pretty Clear...

adele Grammys Hall of Fame Memes photoshopped winner - 5829918208
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When This Van's A-Rockin'... Don't Come A-Knockin'

adele Grammys katy perry lady gaga nicki minaj photoshopped - 5829852416
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Adele Laughs at All of the Unfortunates

adele Grammys laughing photoshopped winner - 5830313728
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But Can Kristen Wiig Blow the Roof Off of an Auditorium?

adele grammy awards Grammys kristen wiig look alikes SNL - 5830113024
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Reactions to Adele's Performance

adele gif gifs grammy awards Grammys rihanna - 5830085376
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Grammy Prediction: Adele 4 ALL THE AWARDS

2012 adele Awards grammy awards Grammys Hall of Fame lol - 5829306112
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adele funny Grammys - 5829095936
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