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No, Stupid! She Means Like the Flintstones...Duh!

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When the Teacher Wants You to Read Aloud to the Class

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Follow Your Dreams!

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Only Fools Don't See How Fly I Be!

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saved by the bell workaholics TV Video - 48303873

The Guys From "Workaholics" do an Amazing "Saved by the Bell" Intro!

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Trying to Impress Girls at the Club

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Only the Worst Human Beings on Earth Would do Something This Low

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They are Pretty Much Just Gross Demons Straight From Hell

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Girls Are Like Cats

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I'm Gonna Have to go With a Shark

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I'd Rather Die First!

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Turnin' on the Heat

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Why You Gotta Pull Harry Potter in to This, Bro?

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My Thoughts Whenever Someone Tries Cheering Me Up

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If Mike Judge Made "Workaholics"

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Thank You Alcohol!

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