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Should Weird Al Headline the Superbowl Halftime Show?

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Weird Al Has an Emotional Moment Seeing His Billboard #1 Position

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Weird Al Does Not Approve of Your Conventional Wisdom

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By anselmbe

Weird Al Finishes His Week of Music Video Releases With an Homage to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Corporate Strategy

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Via Weird Al
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Riding in the Same Elevator with Weird Al is a Lame Claim to Fame

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Does it Make You Mad When Your Barista Doesn't Make a Design in Your Coffee Foam? This Song's for You!

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The University of Weird Al Has a Fight Song That Gets Straight to the Point

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Weird Al Gets Fancy When it Comes to Housework

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Weird Al Lives Up to His Name With How He Uses Aluminum Foil

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The King of Parody is Back! Weird Al Gets "Tacky" With Pharrell's "Happy"

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Via Nerdist

Don't Tell Me What to Do

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By Unknown

Oh Nothing, Just Weird Al Yankovic's Senior Yearbook Photo

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Via Buzzfeed

Kardash: An Official Unit of Time

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Weird Al - Doing Parenting Right

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You Missed...

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"Weird Al" Yankovic Goes Digital

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