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"Look down so you can see up"

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Created by DRCEQ

Perhaps the Saddest Theory You'll Ever Read About Up

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Remember That You're Never too Old for an Adventure!

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Cross your heart

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Created by muppetpuppet

Up, Up and I Do!

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Created by Unknown

More Disney Face Swaps!

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Created by Unknown

Disney Characters React to "I Am Your Father"

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Phew! It's biggr on teh insied. Tuk AGES tu klaw mai wai bak up!

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Epicute: Up, Up and Away!

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Right in The Feels :(

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Every. Single. Time...

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George Lucas Presents: "Up"

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Take The Scenic Route In Life

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Good afternoon. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?

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Some Children Went To Great Lengths To Escape Neverland Ranch

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See all captions Created by greeneyelove

It wasn't the physical pain of his broken leg, It wasn't the emotional pain of being publicly mocked, but going 6 days without licking his balls was killing him.

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