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jimmy kimmel donald trump election 2016 tweet funny - 73614081

Josh Groban Sings the Best (Craziest) of Donald Trump's Tweets

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Based on This Tweet, Good Morning America Has Never Seen The Lion King

Good Morning America fails at social media with this Lion King tweet
Via The Verge
twitter kristen bell tweet bon jovi - 503557

Krtisten Bell Accidentally Takes an UberPool, Chronicles the Harrowing Affair

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The Most Adorable Picture of Emma Watson You'll See all Day!

twitter tweet emma watson - 7135679744
Via @EmmaWatson

Cher Goes "Moonstruck" on Her iPad

twitter tweet quote cher - 7118823680
Via @Cher
twitter tweet colin mochrie whose line is it anyway - 39172

Possibly the Best News You'll Hear all Day!

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Music twitter tweet - 38660

At Least He Can Laugh at Himself

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twitter Thor mjolnir tweet Neil deGrasse Tyson - 37124

The Mjölnir You Know!

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Knowledge and Wit Triumph Again!

twitter Harry Potter football tweet funny - 7036306688
Via @_Snape_

Always Hedge Your Bets!

twitter actor Neil Patrick Harris tweet funny - 7035275776
Via @DavidBurtka
twitter Tyra Banks tweet funny - 36612

Tyra WTF Are You Talking About?!

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This is Actually Happening!

twitter actor ben savage boy meets world tweet funny - 7013323776
Via @BenSavage

Gotta do Right by My Fake Daughter

aaron paul twitter breaking bad amc TV tweet funny - 6999918592
Via @AaronPaul

Good Luck, Harry!

taylor swift Music twitter tweet funny - 6962274048
By Unknown
Music twitter actor tweet Justin Timberlake - 29700

He Brought Sexy Back!

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Why Can't I... Hold all These Feels?

twitter actor The Avengers TV tweet funny clark gregg - 6958595584
Via @ClarkGregg
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