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Return of the Day: Tracy Morgan, Recovered From a Fatal Crash, Will Return to Host Saturday Night Live

Tracy Morgan will host saturday night live a year and a half after his terrible car crash.
Via Saturday Night Live
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Will Hold a Place for Tracey Morgan

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You Know You're a Narcissist When...

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Being an Adult is Harder Than it Looks

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I Ain't Even Scared of no Ghosts!

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Googling Yourself

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That's Hot Though, Right?

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It's Never Too Late to Learn

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The Man Makes a Good Point

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Every Man's Favorite "Total Recall" Moment

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Hiding In Demi's Bush

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LXG: 30 Rock

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Just give it the trophy, maybe it will go away.

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Tracy Jordan: Great Thespian Or Greatest Thespian?

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