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The Situation Totally Looks Like Howard the Duck

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By CallMeMister

Best News of the Year!

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FYI... "The Situation" Has a Comic Book Now

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Via Wizard World
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"The Situation" And Russell Brand: How They Treat Their Fans

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Hey, welcome to Situation I'm the Jackass

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There's Just So. Much. Orange.

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Abercrombie To Pay Jersey Shore To NOT Wear Their Clothes

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Via money.cnn.com

Sitches Get Stiches

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By Unknown

The Situation Sues The Confrontation, Leads To Litigation And Perhaps Incarceration

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By Unknown

The Sitch BOMBS At Donald Trump Roast

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By Unknown

Forever A Situation

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By Unknown
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The Situation Blooper Reel

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Talking Sex With Bristol Palin And "The Situation"

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who is this guy, and why should I care?

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Alejandro video rehersals

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