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Debut of the Day: Trevor Noah Hosts His First Daily Show

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Send Off of the Day: Republicans and Democrats Rejoince as Congress Loses Its Boehner

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Trevor Noah's Butt Gets Ready For The Spotlight

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Retirement of the Day: Every Daily Show Correspondent Wishes #JonVoyage to Jon Stewart

Jon stewart says goodbye to the Daily Show in a big way.
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Send Off of the Day: Jon Stewart Will Host His Last Daily Show Tonight

Jon Stewarts reign of the Daily Show ends tonight
Via The Guardian
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Add This Neat Songified Daily Show Mash Up to the Pile of John Stewart Send Offs

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This is Why Hannibal Buress Isn't Replacing Jon Stewart

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Jon Hamm Presents This Supercut of Jon Stewart's Terrible Singing

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Jon Stewart Evaluates the Confederate Flag Hoopla with a New Segment

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This Exhaustive Jon Stewart Timelapse Shows His 16 Years on The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart Unveils an Aptly-Titled New Segment for Rachel Dozeal

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Jon Stewart Just Isn't Impressed with Hillary's Announcement

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Stephen Colbert Gives Says Goodbye on the Daily Show

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Touche of the Day: What Louis C.K. Thinks About Rolling Stone's Remarks About Him

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Via Reddit

Obama Was Distracted of the Day

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Jon Stewart and Robert Pattinson Talk Break-ups Over a Pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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