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The Avengers

Avengers Assemble! Our grandiose and ultimate superhero fighting force are here to crack you up and look at a sillier side. If you ever wondered if there's a pun for the Hulk, or Loki's Low-key attitude, this is where it's at.

the tonight show scarlett johansson jimmy fallon age of ultron The Avengers - 70701569

Scarlett Johansson Joins Jimmy Fallon in a Game of Lies

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the tonight show jimmy fallon robert downey jr The Avengers - 70622721

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Jimmy Fallon an Emotional Interview

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behind the scenes The Avengers - 69960705

The Avengers Have Too Much Fun

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friends parody The Avengers - 69655553

It's Good To Have Friends to Count On

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trailers age of ultron The Avengers - 69585921

The Team Comes Together In The Newest Avengers: Age of Ultron TV Spot

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When You're a God, It's Easy...

loki tom hiddleston The Avengers - 8201170176

Assembled Once Again

robert downey jr The Avengers celebrity twitter - 8160785664
Via Robert Downey Jr's Twitter

The Consulting Detective and Earth's Mightiest Heroes make a mighty fine collection.

tshirts The Avengers Sherlock - 8149047552
Created by OnceUponaTee ( Via Once Upon a Tee )

The Avengers Fall Into Three Categories

kids actors The Avengers - 8146009344
Via daily-superheroes

Blessing or A Curse?

agent coulson clark gregg marvel The Avengers agents of shield - 7925713920
Created by Unknown

I'm Mean to You Because I Love You

gifs The Avengers - 7537472768
Created by Unknown


crossover The Avengers fanfiction Star Trek - 7482988032
See all captions Created by hatslady

If only....

crossover The Avengers Supernatural doctor who - 7477249280
Created by Vincent B

Never forgave parents for getting him that Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

The Avengers Samuel L Jackson - 7128483840
See all captions Created by Bruce_A

50 Years of "The Avengers" in One Minimalist Poster

poster The Avengers characters superheroes - 7111776256
Via Komboh

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Were Looking Pretty Sharp Last Night!

robert downey jr The Avengers Samuel L Jackson academy awards oscars - 7093419776
Via @SamuelLJackson
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