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Did you get that text? No? Well dive into some of the funniest and punniest texts you will ever see. Whether it's an SMS or a clever note, you'll get plenty of ideas how to make your passive aggressive intentions known, or relate to a terrible mistake. Either way, laughter will be had.

text Ryan Gosling - 455941

Ryan Gosling Will Rip His Shirt Off if You Get a Text on His Set

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Same Difference

orange is the new black text netflix - 8217891840
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Because I've Been EXTRA Good This Year!

robert downey jr text actor phone funny - 6792603392
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Where My Homeland Fans At?

funny TV text - 6698843904
By Unknown

Well... I'm Glad Jessica Simpson Finally Decided to go Pro

celeb funny Jessica Simpson news text TMZ - 6287123968
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