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It's Science, Guys

bill nye funny stupid - 8287930624
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I Guess Spelling it Out Doesn't Even Work

friends sexy times Joey stupid - 8259917824
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Surprise Endings Can be Confusing

the sixth sense 30 rock movies stupid - 8252450816
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Steven Spielberg Criticized for the "Triceratops He Just Slaughtered"

steven spielberg facebook jurassic park funny stupid dinosaurs - 8250924544
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You're Not Off to a Good Start

condoms friends sexy times stupid - 8248010240
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Yeah, We Got a Real Genius Over Here

funny stupid - 8246189824
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Seems Reasonable

funny stupid TV pregnant Modern Family - 8223981568
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Music Video stupid - 61672705

Hey...It's Art

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I Quit

game show family feud condoms stupid - 8200034816
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True Love is a Beautiful Thing

divorce stupid love parks and recreation tests - 8197373440
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What an Idiotic Request

Modern Family romance eyes stupid - 8180496896
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Looks Like He Has Egg on His Face...

eggs that 70s show stupid - 8129157120
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Everyone's Entitled to Their Opinion...

that 70s show stupid college - 8116448512
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Local News conan obrien Video stupid - 59552769

Local Newscasters Agree...on Every Single Ridiculous Word

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Wake Up, Admiral!

retro batman funny stupid - 8113593088
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At Least He Knows Himself...

that 70s show stupid dating - 8111746816
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