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These Cross Stitch Tattoos Will Make You Clean Out Your Savings and Book a Flight to Turkey

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Daniel Craig Has a Cameo in Star Wars, and Simon Pegg Accidentally Revealed What It Is

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Via The Washington Post

After That Trailer, It's Time for a Refresher Course

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What Do You Think of These New Stormtrooper Helmets?

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Volvo's New Model

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By anselmbe

Force Soak

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By Unknown

A Trilogy of Phones

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By Unknown

All The Other Stormtroopers Are Going to Laugh At Him

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By Unknown

I Knew Henson Did Star Wars, But I Didn't Know It Went This Deep

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By Unknown

An Unmovable Object Meets An Unstoppable Force

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Via Kristoffer Remmell

Han Learned This Trick in the Third Grade

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By Unknown

Dammit Jim! There Were No Stormtroopers in the Civil War!

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You'll Find the Droids You're Looking For, They Said...

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By Unknown

At Least They Don't Get Cocky

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By Unknown

Stormtroopers Love Romance as Much as they Love Missing Targets

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Via Red and Jonny
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