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Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

A Tattoo This Rad Won't Fly Under the Radar Too Long

funny star wars tattoo Kylo Ren as SNL Undercover Boss character
Via @ billdenovio_tattoos
star wars Bad Lip Reading Video - 76815105

The Original Star Wars Trilogy Gets an Epically Bad Lip Reading

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star wars daft punk darth vader - 73822465

Galactic EDM of the Day: Darth Punk Pits Jedis Against DJs

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scifi star wars adam savage Star Trek - 72818689

Find Out Which Celebrities are Giant Nerds Based on Their Answers to This Classic SciFi Question

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That's No Pluto...

Pluto is a trap!
Via foxtel
star wars toys parenting - 101127

Hide Your Kids, Slave Leia Toys are Available at Target!

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Mad Max star wars mash up - 72830721

What Took This Mad Max/Star Wars Mash Up So Long to Get Made?

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disney cosplay star wars - 568837

Prepare to be Confused and Turned on by Disney Princess Slave Leia Cosplay

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Han Solo Getting His Own Spinoff Movie in 2018

geek memes news star wars han solo film 2018
Via Star Wars
star wars Video - 72376577

This Documentary Style Video Tells the Story of the Battle of Endor

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Young Anakin Actor Jake Lloyd Goes Full Vader After Intense Police Chase

Young Anakin meets police on the road to the dark side.
saruman star wars Lord of the Rings Christopher Lee james bond dracula - 519685

6 Great Christopher Lee Roles to Remember Such a Great Actor

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Daniel Craig Has a Cameo in Star Wars, and Simon Pegg Accidentally Revealed What It Is

geek memes star wars vii daniel craig cameo
Via The Washington Post

This LEGO Millennium Falcon is Made of More Than 10,000 Pieces

star wars memes lego millennium falcon 10k pieces
Via Titans Creations
star wars Music Video - 70756353

Required Listening Today: Star Wars Imperial March Played on Floppy Drives

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star wars Video scifi - 70753793

These Chumps Have Never Seen Star Wars; See What They Have to Say About the Series

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