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Samuel L Jackson

movies Samuel L Jackson pop culture TV Video - 77283073

You're Going To Want To Hear Samuel Jackson Put His Own Spin on Notable Movie Quotes

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vine Awkward Samuel L Jackson tennis Victoria Beckham - 62387201

Celebrities Get Awkward Without a Script

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jimmy fallon Samuel L Jackson boy meets world - 59767809

A Slam Poem You Never Saw Coming About "Boy Meets World" Performed by Samuel L. Jackson

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Just a Friendly Reminder

Lawrence Fishburne Samuel L Jackson confused funny - 8120518912
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FAIL Samuel L Jackson Local News robocop - 58380801

A News Anchor Gets Chastised for Confusing Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne

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He's an Open Book

Samuel L Jackson celeb magazine funny - 8042959872
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Say 'Killed By' One More Time!

jamie foxx Samuel L Jackson - 8031862272
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The Newest Holiday Movie

christmas Samuel L Jackson - 7961820160
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loki impressions tom hiddleston red carpet Samuel L Jackson - 55624449

Tom Hiddleston Impersonates Samuel L Jackson as Loki

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Never forgave parents for getting him that Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

The Avengers Samuel L Jackson - 7128483840
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Earth's Mightiest Heroes Were Looking Pretty Sharp Last Night!

robert downey jr The Avengers Samuel L Jackson academy awards oscars - 7093419776
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loki trailers mark ruffalo mashup scarlett johansson tom hiddleston Nick Fury robert downey jr tony stark The Avengers Samuel L Jackson Black Widow iron man hulk - 47264513

"The Avengers" is Basically "The Breakfast Club"

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Your Offering Pleases Me...

actor Samuel L Jackson funny - 6955954688
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anne hathaway actor Samuel L Jackson funny Video - 45845505

Sad Off, Featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway

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Oh, They Fancy Huh?

gifs Movie actor The Avengers Samuel L Jackson celeb funny - 6770009856
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Perfect Last Words

Movie actor The Avengers Samuel L Jackson celeb funny clark gregg - 6763760384
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