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robert downey jr

the tonight show jimmy fallon robert downey jr The Avengers - 70622721

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Jimmy Fallon an Emotional Interview

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robert downey jr Magneto ian mckellen gandalf selfie - 419077

Ian McKellen, Founder of Selfies

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How The Press Treats Actresses

scarlett johansson robert downey jr Black Widow iron man - 8201766912
Via Robert Downey Jr's Facebook

Assembled Once Again

robert downey jr The Avengers celebrity twitter - 8160785664
Via Robert Downey Jr's Twitter

Nailed it

robert downey jr puns - 8161267968
Via basketofbees
twitter robert downey jr celeb avengers - 175364

Robert Downey Jr. Tweets a Pic From the Set of "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

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iron man robert downey jr twitter - 172804

Robert Downey Jr. Says, "Talk to me, Twitter."

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Never Count Out Robert Downey Jr. to be Awesome

twitter robert downey jr celeb g rated win - 8138481664

Robert Downey Sexy

robert downey jr Fan Art iron man - 7683268608
Via Pin-Up RDJ

Good Guy Downey

robert downey jr movies avengers - 7454658816
By Jazzyinu

He Really is Iron Man!

gifs robert downey jr iron man funny - 7446400000
By Unknown

You Just Have To Face The simple Fact....

robert downey jr iron man - 7142425856
By b-hawk1 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Best Advice You'll Ever Receive, Courtesy of Robert Downey, Jr.

gifs robert downey jr advice - 7158643456
Via Loki Cat

That Feel When You get Home and Jump on the Computer

gifs robert downey jr iron man - 7140960768
Via Jim Moriarty
list gifs robert downey jr iron man - 27909

Behind the Scenes: Creating Tony Stark's Arc Reactor

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Are We Really Having This Conversation?

robert downey jr Zach Galifianakis - 7132746752
Via Mister Frodo Archive
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