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Believe it or Not, But Most Rappers Used to Be Children

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By Unknown

Emceez Ansari

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Via Emceez Ansari


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But to Be Fair, *Nobody* Takes T-Pain Seriously...

FAIL idiots lil wayne live music rappers - 5539660544
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Colin Firth Is My Favorite Emcee

lyrics rappers - 5508426240
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"Badass CATS": A New Broadway Musical

Cats KISS makeup musicals musicians rappers tupac shakur - 5488974592
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Scumbag Rappers

lil wayne Music rappers scumbag - 5489850880
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They're All the Rage for Spring 2012

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This B*tch Can Thank Me Later

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Is "Hotter" the Word You Were Looking For?

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I Could Use a New Nightie...

clothing dresses fashion Jay Z kanye west live music rappers shirts wtf - 5420339712
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So... Does That Mean No Sophomore Album?

nicki minaj rappers they told me - 5416551936
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Damn, Dogg, You've Got a Nice Ride!

cars rappers snoop dogg - 5378492672
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california gurls candy rappers snoop dogg - 3949482240
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Snoop Richy-Rich

dogs money rappers rich snoop dogg - 5359467008
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