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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

His One Weakness

puns the rock funny - 7507385600
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Avengers Ensemble!!

Music puns funny avengers g rated - 7507490560
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In the Game of Stairs, you climb or you die.

Game of Thrones funny puns - 7504704768
By Andipants26

A Whole New World

Pokémon puns aladdin funny - 7455774976
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The Sound is So Sad

puns sad but true funny - 7485744128
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Music puns funny - 7470712576
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The Beatles

beatles puns funny - 7470729984
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What Kinds of Snacks Do You Think They Sell?

puns admiral ackbar funny - 7459334912
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Magnum Pi

puns funny - 7446430720
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Metal Fans Like Puns Too

metal Music puns fans funny - 7455526656
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What Do Star Wars and The Beatles Have in Common?

beatles star wars puns Han Solo funny Harrison Ford - 7426357760
By Unknown

Call of duty

puns funny - 7411824896
By spartan117andSully

Well He Might Have Been Lion

stephen colbert puns funny - 7432977920
By Unknown

More Human than Human

puns - 7428807168
By MikeLSmillie

Precisely When He Meant To

puns sean connery celeb - 7410591232
By Unknown

I'm Already Cheesy

Game of Thrones puns joffrey baratheon - 7400297216
By Unknown

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