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The president. The head honcho, the big boss. The man in the high castle. Wherever or whoever it is, the president of anything is a striking figure. So lets joke a bit about them and bring them back down to Earth.

Seriousness of the Day: Kanye West is Seriously Thinking About Running for President in 2020... Seriously

Kanye West told Vanity Fair that he's seriously thinking of a 2020 presidential run.
Via Vanity Fair
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Hillary Clinton Rolls Up the Sleeves of Her Pants Suits and Comes to Instagram

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jon stewart Hillary Clinton president the daily show - 45319

Jon Stewart Just Isn't Impressed with Hillary's Announcement

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Ru Paul for Office! Any Office!

Ru Paul for President for ever
Via Tumblr

Slick Willy is One Smooth Operator

jazz president bill clinton - 8139789312
Via Brown Cardigan
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The Dark Lord is Running for President of Ukraine

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Obama's Secret

movies senator president barack obama batman the dark knight - 6746388992
Via Reddit
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Obama's Anger Translator: Victory

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The Final Chapter

Harry Potter Mitt Romney president barack obama election - 6739566080
Via Fame H00ker Pr0stitute Wench

Well That's a Little Harsh

Sad Mitt Romney taxes president education election quote - 6720820736
Via P0rkch0p

I'd Vote for Him

president campaign poster hope - 6684773120
By Unknown

The Number One Reason to Vote

lindsay lohan president scary vote - 6640313856
By Unknown


Michael Bay ninjas president - 4591281920
By lorrel

Something We ALL Can Agree On!

army loki president - 6570740224
By Jackalgirl

This is the only press conference you will ever see to use the words "president" and "explode" in the same sentence.

adam savage barack obama explosions jamie hyneman lolz mythbusters president TV - 4082988032
See all captions By coopopeJ

Let me explain it this way Mr. President... Have you seen Independence Day?

adam savage independence day jamie hyneman lolz mythbusters president - 4085268736
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