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Quick, Buy Your Kids a Horse Sleeping Bag From The Revenant!

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Celebrity Parents Bond With Their Celebrity Kids Just Like We Do

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Watch and Learn as This 3 Year Old DJ Schools You With His Talent

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Key & Peele Prove That MC Mom is Dope

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John Oliver Breaks Down Just Some of America's Sex Education Problems

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Hide Your Kids, Slave Leia Toys are Available at Target!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants a Sexy Motha

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Watch This Epic Journey Of a Britney Spears-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Video

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Ready Your Heart for Warm Feels: This Little Boy Couldn't be More Excited to be a Married Jedi

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Kelly Ripa Mocks Her Daughter Because Parenting is Hard

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You're as Old as I Say You Are!

Modern Family kids parenting - 8282312448

No Excuses!

Babies 30 rock funny parenting - 8262212096
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Don't Grow Up, Keep Being Batman

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Baby, Parasite...Same Difference

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Forget Goodnight Moon, Your Kids Can Read Goodnight Darth Vader

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Now That is Some Imaginative Parenting

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