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This Ruptured Nation Can't Agree on Who Makes the Worst Music

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Good Girl Avril

Music avril lavigne nickelback funny - 7539832320
By Unknown

It's Cold in Canada, But Not This Cold

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By Unknown

Nobody Visits Anymore

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Via Best Nate Smith Ever

America's Worst Comedian Rips Canada's Worst Band

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By Unknown

Striking Chicago Teacher Goes Too Far

mean nickelback Protest sign - 6578598656
Via Daniel Strauss

Apologizing On Behalf Of Canadian Musicians

avril lavigne celeb chad kroeger face swap funny Music nickelback - 6562724864
By senioritaflame (Via MTV)

Better Than Avril, at Least...

adam levine avril lavigne chad kroeger funny nickelback tweet twitter - 6531850752
Via @Adam Levine

The Most Unholy of Unions: Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Engaged to Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne celeb chad kroeger Music news nickelback wedding - 6531739648
Via LA Times

Sick Burn, Dave!

celeb Dave Grohl funny Music nickelback - 6191892224
Via Twitter

Satan's Most Diabolical Scheme...

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By Unknown

Give Nickelback a Chance

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Look At This Photograph

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I Get The KISS Part, But Nickelback... Really?

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Via www.reddit.com

The World's Most Offensive Image

funny nic cage nickelback nicolas cage wtf - 5553628160
Via www.reddit.com

Why With The New Album?!

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