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Mr. T Wants to Help Fix Your Dump of a House

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Sorry...Mr. T Has No Pity Left for April Fools

april fools mr t celeb funny - 8101673984
By dbvics

I Pity the Fool...

puns mr t funny - 7670072320
Via OMG That's Punny

Mr. T Gonna Make it Better, Girl. Aww Yeah!

gifs mr t funny - 7086050560
By Unknown

Pitiful License Plate WIN

cars mr t g rated win - 6962226688
Via Reddit

I... I Pity The Fool Who Has Dreams Like This

eww funny gifs mr t wtf - 5967558144
Via flyingscotsman.tumblr.com

Lol, Good One Mr. T!

celeb joke mr t - 4893612544
Via pleated-jeans.com

I Pity Myself

actor celeb funny mr t - 4725056768
See all captions By Unknown

How About Some B.A. With Your Dinner?

art funny mr t - 4606346752
By Unknown


csi funny ice t mr t slash - 4169560832
By Unknown


actor cars lolz mr t - 4079014400
See all captions By chrisseanhayes

You got WHO to play me in the movie?!

angry A Team classic tv movies mr t remakes - 3552815360
See all captions By Unknown

Pikachu! I choose you!

mr t pikachu Pokémon tough guy - 3077086464
By Unknown

Cash for Gold, for real?!

gold jewellry money mr t - 2737581824
See all captions By jagrett

Cubs suck!

angry baseball fans mr t sports - 2201989376
By Supergirl1987

Here he is, folks. The fool Mr T was talking about.

lil wayne mr t rapper - 1907910912
See all captions By RedRazors
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