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Mini-Home WIN

design model nerdgasm - 6959535872
By Unknown

When a role goes too far

river tam serenity model kissing Firefly - 6846528000
See all captions By KittehKombat

Oh Nothing, Just Robert Pattinson When He was a Model

actor model robert pattinson celeb funny - 6745476352
Via Done Direction

Burger King is For the Birds

replica model - 6702536960
Via Incredible Things

Dani Karlsson (swedish model) Totally Looks Like Angelina Jolie

funny TLL celeb actor model Angelina Jolie - 6703998208
By katlin.m

(Somewhat) Human Yoda Model of the Day

model star wars yoda - 6629585408
Via Laughing Squid

If Style Could Kill: Simpsons Couture

face makeup model simpsons - 6594597120
Via Beautylish

Young Tom Cruise Totally Looks Like Paolo Anchisi

funny model TLL Tom Cruise - 6017572864
By Unknown

Star Wars, Aliens - Darth Vader Xenomorph

Aliens creepy darth vader mashup model scary star wars xenomorph - 6529863936
Via Slash Film

Tyra Tanks

celeb funny model shoop Tyra Banks ugh - 6344892416
Via P*nis Police

Twin Peaks Model Town

david lynch Hall of Fame model train Twin Peaks - 6120577280
Via Super Punch

Celebrity Name Guess Who!

actor celeb guess who model name - 5244012032
By Unknown

High School Guess Who!

actor celeb guess who high school model - 5195603712
Via www.huffingtonpost.com


adriana lima advertising bewbs fake lolz model - 4096952064
See all captions By cat_is_clumsy

Here's the freaky part: They have matching IQ's!

dumb lolz model stupidity Tyra Banks - 4095127552
See all captions By Call_Me_K

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