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james corden Late Late Show sharon stone Michael Douglas - 70379265

Michael Douglas (and Reggie Watts!) Help James Corden Remake That Basic Instinct Scene

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First Look: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as Liberace and His Lover in the Upcoming Film "Behind the Candelabra

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You missed one...

actor benedict cumberbatch brad pitt comic funny Harrison Ford hugh laurie jack black jesse eisenberg jim parsons Lawrence Fishburne Michael Douglas robin williams Russell Crowe tom hanks tom hiddleston - 6555084032
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So I guess parenthood is full of surprises, huh?

80s Charlie Sheen funny martin sheen Michael Douglas Movie - 6464649728
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I'll Settle for the Equivalent in Cash, Though...

Glenn Close Michael Douglas rabbits - 5299428352
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We'll Just Go Out To Eat! Sheesh!

actor celeb funny Glenn Close Michael Douglas Movie - 5297714944
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Lookin' Like Hot And Hotter To Me...

actor celeb funny Michael Douglas - 4939630336
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You're Not My Real Dad

actor celeb funny Michael Douglas shia labeouf - 5083729152
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Son, I Am Disappoint

actor celeb funny Michael Douglas Movie shia labeouf - 4720229376
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Renaissance Portraits Of Famous Celebs

art brad pitt celeb cool demi moore emma watson fake Madonna Michael Douglas portrait robert de niro sean connery shoop - 5002118400
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actor celeb demotivational funny Michael Douglas - 4612238336
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Greed Is Good, But Nothing Beats Happiness

actor family funny lol lolz Michael Douglas - 4213867520
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