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Self-Respect: 1930s vs. 2010s

history lil wayne style clothing problems - 7255166208
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Lil Wayne Totally Looks Like Lugdush

Lord of the Rings totally looks like lil wayne - 7244483584
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"I've Never Held a Oboe Before"

guitar lil wayne - 7003564032
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Basically This

Music Drake TV lil wayne drew carey funny - 7000106496
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LIl Wayne's Skateboarding Skills are Remarkably Similar to His Musical Skills

gifs Music rap lil wayne funny - 6997293568
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Lil Wayne Totally Looks Like Twilight Zone Gremlin

Music rap Movie TLL lil wayne funny - 6202104576
By Unknown

Y u no speak english?

youtube lyrics english rap t pain lil wayne - 6767315200
By vlad6548
lil wayne Video - 42405121

Holy Giant Douchebag of the Day

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Lil Wayne, No... Pls

celeb funny jimi hendrix lil wayne Music rap rock stahp - 6570026240
By Unknown

It's all Weezy's Fault

lil wayne Music rap - 6544741888
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demotivational funny lil wayne Music rap t pain - 6253847040
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Squidward on The Music Industry

lil wayne Music skrillex SpongeBob SquarePants - 6229825792
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Scumbag Lil' Wayne

celeb Drake funny lil wayne Music - 5757583104
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Blue Ivy's Birth Was The Greatest Birth OF ALL TIMEZ

beyoncé disney Drake funny Jay Z kanye west lil wayne Movie rick ross shoop the lion king - 5672198912
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Is It Even Fair To Call Music "Music" Anymore?

celeb funny lil wayne Music rap - 5539196416
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But to Be Fair, *Nobody* Takes T-Pain Seriously...

FAIL idiots lil wayne live music rappers - 5539660544
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