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Lego my Eggo! Lego are one of the world's most successful toys, and probably a big reason behind games like Minecraft. Building blocks that allowed us to build fantastic scenes and epic battles that kept us occupied for hours. So take a trip back to childhood, or your basement now, and enjoy these hilarious lego memes puns and jokes.

This LEGO Millennium Falcon is Made of More Than 10,000 Pieces

star wars memes lego millennium falcon 10k pieces
Via Titans Creations
lego apple watch DIY apple - 473349

6 Apple Watches You Can Make at Home

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trailers lego The Walking Dead - 63559681

The Walking Dead Gets Lego-fied

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trailers lego guardians of the galaxy movies Video - 63031297

What if Guardians of the Galaxy was a LEGO Movie?

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lego doctor who 50th anniversary - 62566657

Day of The Lego

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The Most Accurate Fan Representation of Bender. You'll See Why.

bender futurama lego nerdgasm g rated win - 8235711744
Via Adrian Drake

Lego Boba Fett Is The Best Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy

cosplay lego boba fett - 8217936128
Via EliBelling
lego the simpsons TV - 60559361

The Simpsons are Going Three-Dimensional With a LEGO-Themed Episode

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Music lego list - 222981

20 Famous Bands Recreated in LEGO

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academy awards lego movies oscars the LEGO movie - 202245

This Year's Best Picture Nominees Recreated with LEGO Minifigs

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trailers lego - 55923201

New Trailer For 'The LEGO Movie'

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lego movies trailers Video - 51500289

Have a Look at This Trailer for the LEGO Movie!

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How Much Cooler Could He Get?

lego superheroes superman - 7537797888
Created by Unknown
star wars lego nerdgasm g rated win - 79621

This is the Most Insane LEGO Creation You'll See This Week

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lego trailers Star Trek Video g rated win - 48796417

Into Darkness Looks Even Better in LEGO!

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lego michael jackson dance Video - 47839489

Amazing Video of Michael Jackson Dance Moves Done Entirely With LEGOs!

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