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Katy Perry Gets More Than She Bargained For With This Neck-Kissing Fan

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Katy Perry Joined the Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj Twitter Fight, But What the Heck is She Saying?

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Katy Perry Reunited with an Old Friend at Coachella

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Katy Pepperoni

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The Internet Uncovers The Truth Behind Katy Perry's Fashion Inspiration... Maybe

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birthday disguise funny katy perry Video - 60421633

Katy Perry Goes Hilariously Undercover at Five Different Birthdays

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game show jimmy kimmel funny katy perry weird - 60331521

"Who Knows Katy"- The Show Where Stalkers Win Prizes

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Music katy perry videos win - 59439617

Ten Second Songs: Dark Horse by Katy Perry Sung in Twenty Different Styles

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katy perry interview - 59361537

Katy Perry Describes Herself as a Feminist...But Not Really

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Katy Perry Shouldn't Quit Her Day Job

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twitter katy perry fight miley cyrus - 156676

Miley Cyrus Slams Katy Perry on Twitter After her Tongue Kissing Joke

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Katy Perry Just Won the Race to 50 Million Twitter Followers

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Vin Diesel Posts a Video on Facebook of Him Dancing to Beyoncé and Katy Perry

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The Twitter War That Never Got Started

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gif katy perry john mayer - 7965958400
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katy perry lip sync - 57016321

Caught Lip-Syncing, This Awards Show Host Makes Katy Perry ACTUALLY "Roar"

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