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guys swiping guys on tinder

Just Bros Swiping Bros

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Self-Fulfilling Internet

idiots internet quote - 6592237056
Via Tastefully Offensive

Who the Hell Is Billy Crystal???

academy awards Billy Crystal dumb Hall of Fame hosts idiots oscars twitter - 5899378688
By Unknown

But to Be Fair, *Nobody* Takes T-Pain Seriously...

FAIL idiots lil wayne live music rappers - 5539660544
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Intellectual Giants

chess games idiots kristen stewart robert pattinson twilight - 5512536832
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What Are You Going to Do With All That Extra Money?

Charlie Sheen drugs idiots winning - 5415999488
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I Think They're Talking About YOU!

george lucas idiots natalie portman pointing star wars - 5395932160
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So I Found a Boy Who Thinks Really Deep Thoughts

confused dumb idiots robert pattinson thinking - 5385445376
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Our Next Lesson: Di-voooorce!

aquariums dumb idiots kim kardashian the kardashians water - 5361800192
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And the Voice of a Robot

singers britney spears dumb expressions idiots ugly - 3956133632
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O Canada! OM!

Canada comedians idiots Maps Russell Brand - 5282952704
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Slaters... gonna Slate

idiots Mario Lopez ROFlash saved by the bell - 3962331648
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herpy da hurr durr

celeb Heidi Montag idiots mtv ROFlash Spencer Pratt the hills - 3812787968
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