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Harry Potter

Silence in the Great Hall

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Douchebag Sirius

Harry Potter sirius black - 7150838784
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OK Maybe a Little

Harry Potter emma watson Stephen Fry - 7135199744
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wait! You forgot your pencil!

Harry Potter voldemort ralph fiennes forgot - 7045134336
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Harry Potter - 7094715392
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Not All Young Adult Heroines are Created Equal

Harry Potter movies hunger games books twilight - 7074327296
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Careful, These Things are Dangerous

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe David Tennant dumbledore Michael Gambon - 7064592640
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Harry Potter and the Ultimate Valentine

Harry Potter Fan Art Valentines day - 7062113280
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See What They did There?

Harry Potter Martin Freeman pun Movie actor funny - 7047808256
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Next Time, We'll Try Bigger Numbers

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Knowledge and Wit Triumph Again!

twitter Harry Potter football tweet funny - 7036306688
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How Awkward Are Your Hugs?

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I will not work with anyone who is not Johnny Depp

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To Be Fair, I'll Never Forget It

Lord of the Rings Harry Potter hunger games twilight - 7014116096
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